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My Top 5 Study Tips

By Aoife Martyn

mIn this blog post I’m going to offer you some advice for studying for college exams because it’s week eleven (nobody panic) and reading about studying is marginally more enjoyable than studying, right?

  1. Look at the exam papers! This is by far my best piece of advice. Going into an exam with an idea of how the exam will be laid out will give you confidence and help you figure out what to focus on beforehand.
  2. For languages subjects, look over grammar just before the exams just so you’re sure of all of the basics and don’t spend time in the exam hall thinking ‘I know what the tuiseal ginideach of that is but…’
  3. For exams that are essay based, make out essay plans for possible questions. Obviously you can’t learn off an essay for every possible question (or maybe you can but I can’t) but having a plan is the next best thing and will reassure you that you have an idea of how to structure an answer.
  4. For literature exams, learn versatile quotes that you can use in any essay on the major themes of the text rather than trying to learn long or overly specific quotes.
  5. And finally a piece of advice for study week. If getting up at ridiculous o’clock to queue for the library helps you to study and get the most out of your day, do it. If studying at home or in the evening suits you better, then do that. Figure out what works best for you and how you study most efficiently.

I hope some of this advice will be helpful. Until the next blog post.

untitled-design-13Hey everyone! My name is Aoife Martyn, I’m nineteen and I’m an Applied Languages student from Mayo. I’m in second year and, a year and a half into the course, it’s safe to say I’m loving it!

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