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Travel opportunities at UL


By Naomi Ni She

I had Law Plus in UL down as my first choice on the CAO but to be honest, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, so I consider myself lucky that I was handed this as I grew to love the course over the years. In first year I was quite hesitant because I really didn’t know the first thing about law, or what my options would be after the course, or even the difference between a solicitor or a barrister! Then in second year I definitely put more of an effort into the course  and it’s only then really that I found I enjoyed the course. I also spent a lot of second year organising my third year.

I have a HUGE passion for travelling and will get on a plane whenever the opportunity arises. So I organised a J1 with USIT in the square in UL and jetted of to Arizona & Las Vegas for the summer where I was fortunate enough to organise work in small law firms. We get to choose in second year whether we will do co-op or Erasmus in 3rd year. Of course, due to my passion for travelling I chose Erasmus, and out of the options I was given I chose to do it in Cyprus, because it was a country I had never been to and new nothing about..except I knew it was sunny. So after my fantastic 3 months on a J1 in America, I had 2 weeks at home before flying off to Nicosia, in Cyprus, so it was a bit chaotic but in fairness, UL made the whole thing so easy to organise, even from America.

Once I got to Cyprus I was excited. I had organised accommodation on my own because the few options that were given didn’t look to great on the websites. Once I got to Nicosia I realized the places were lovely and they just weren’t too great at advertising on the internet. Anyways, it didn’t matter because I liked the accommodation I had sorted and it was only a 2 minute walk from the college and a 75c bus ride to Nicosia city centre which was good for shopping down Ledras in the old town. I was also lucky enough to meet one of the best lecturers I had ever come across in Nicosia. Although there were ups and downs to my time in Nicosia, I’m glad UL gave me the opportunity to go and learn more from another culture.

Now I’m in my final year. Although there is a lot of pressure with college work, about what to do next, whether or not to apply to firms for work etc. I’m glad that I chose to study in UL because there’s so many advantages to it, like the huge campus where you often see people playing frizby or just tanning when the sun peeps out, or even to go for a walk around down by the river after a busy day. And what I loved most about my time in UL so far is that it gave me the opportunity to do what I love best which is travel.

Untitled design (21)My name is Naomi. I’m a final year Law Plus student in UL. I chose Irish as my Plus because I’m from Ventry in west Kerry so I’m a native Irish speaker and always enjoyed studying the language in school.


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