This video was part of the University of Limerick MA in Sociology – Critical Perspectives on Youth, Community and Social Regeneration Autumn 2016 seminar series. It features Lisa McKenzie with the talk ‘Getting By: Estates, Class, and Culture in Austerity Britain’. More videos from the seminar series can be viewed here.

While the 1% rule, poor neighbourhoods have become the subject of public concern and media scorn, blamed for society’s ills. This talk argues that it is time to redress the balance. Lisa McKenzie uses both her insider status as a local resident of the St Ann’s estate in Nottingham, while explaining the methodology, and theoretical foundation to an ethnographic grass roots study with a strong political aim. The neighbourhood St Ann’s, the focus of this research, has been stigmatised as a place where gangs, guns, drugs, single mothers and those unwilling or unable to make something of their lives reside. However Lisa broadens the argument to discuss how working class people have become part of a wider de-valuing process within the UK.

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