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Studying in UL

By Kate Dempsey

I’m a second year student here at the University of Limerick,and I’m studying European Studies. This means I’m getting to throw myself into a whole range of subjects, including History, Politics and Sociology, as well as two languages – German and Irish. I love having such a wide variety of subjects to choose from because it keeps every semester interesting, and I’m learning something totally different in every class I go too.

While studying for my Leaving Cert, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to college at all – I was sick of books and studying, and I was definitely sick of looking at the sraith pictiúrí and never wanted to hear another language again in my life. This all changed after visiting UL for an Open Day. I talked to students and lecturers and loved the relaxed atmosphere around the campus. In the end, I had seven different UL courses down on my CAO – bit desperate, but it got me here in the end!

Organisation and time management is key here at college, so I’ve been spending my time wisely, hitting the library and getting all of my work finished by Thursday so I can really take advantage of the fact I have Fridays off. I love travelling and going to new places so almost every weekend is different – some start with Limerick’s night life on Thursday nights and some start with bus trips to various cities around the country to visit friends or go to concerts. Being in UL gives me such easy access to almost anywhere I want to go, with regular buses leaving from the campus itself to places like Dublin and Galway. If I’m not up for a bus trip, I can always explore Limerick city too – from the Crescent Shopping Centre and all the amazing side streets and second hand shops, to the parks and museums. Being from Roscommon, anything bigger than a Dunne’s Stores is interesting to me, so I’m trying to make the most of city life!

Overall I’m just really making the most of my time around campus because I’m really going to miss UL – this is my last semester here until 2017. Studying European Studies gives me the opportunity to spend a semester on Co-Op work placement and another semester abroad on Erasmus, so I’ve been busy interviewing for companies and deciding on my Erasmus destination. I’m going to miss UL, but the independence I’ve gained in just over a year of living here has given me the confidence to go out and take advantage of everything my course has to offer me.

Hopefully you now know a bit more about who I am, and what I do here at UL. This post might offer a bit of encouragement towards doing an AHSS course here, but if you’re still not sure keep a look out for more, as I’ll be going into more detail about my classes and day to day life here!

Untitled design (6)Hi guys! My name is Kate, I’m nineteen and I’m a second year European Studies student at UL, and a newly appointed Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences!

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