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Choose a subject you love, and choose UL!

By Colleen O’Brien

colleen-obrienHello! For any of you who don’t know me (which could be a lot), my name is Colleen O’Brien and I’m a first year studying English & History in University of Limerick. I’m one of the lucky few who post on this blog so hopefully you can get through this post without clicking the X button or going back to Netflix.

Just some random, irrelevant, somewhat un-useful facts about yours truly! My name is Colleen O’Brien, not Coleen, or Cailín, or Collen. I’m barely 18 and I hail from a small village in the West of Limerick. I study English & History and I have practically no interests besides eating, sleeping and bingeing on Netflix.

Since I’m from Limerick, I knew some aspects of UL from Open Days, friends, family etc. What nobody happened to mention to me was the fact the place is quite big and the main building is like the maze runner – once you’re in, you cannot get out. Besides that, I had some knowledge of what was ahead of me.

I was 17 at the time of my Leaving Cert so I was quite young compared to my friends in school. Choosing courses for me was relatively easy as I had always intended on doing a course related to Arts and Humanities. So, after some late night thoughts I chose to do European Studies which included doing French, History, Law and Sociology. The day of the CAO arrived and I was over the moon I got my first choice, only this was not meant to be.

After orientation, we began the basics of lectures. I was beyond excited to begin this new chapter of my life only to realise half way through a French lecture, it was definitely not for me. I knew deep down, English was my main passion subject wise so I went with my guts and ran straight to admissions for an internal transfer. After running after course directors for days on end to running back and forth to admissions, I was finally on the road to a course I now love, English and History.

Transferring courses was not easy but I adapted quick enough. I had to sort my own timetable which is possibly the best and worst thing I have done so far. In the end, it was completely worth all the effort because I am now doing something I always wanted to do.

SO, for any of ye readers who are facing the CAO soon take my advice; DO NOT go for something you have little to no interest in. Go for something you really enjoy. Do not being like me, who waited until she was in college to change her mind, you may not make the right choice in enough time.



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