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Loving Arts at UL!

By Judy Sheehan

My journey to becoming a UL student isn’t your typical ‘straight out of Leaving Cert’ craic. Since 4th year, I had always wanted to come to UL but being a naive 18 year old filling out the choices, I let other people influence me. So I spent a year in college in Cork but it wasn’t my cup of tea, so off I went and worked for a year. This cemented my original idea of coming to UL! Thankfully the auld CAO treated me well this time and I got my first choice of Arts.   Now, having spent roughly 6 weeks in the magnificent University of Limerick, I can say with certainty that I have found the college for me. Between making new friends, enjoying the banter on campus, moving out of home and settling into  the actual course itself its been a hectic few weeks but I’ve loved every millisecond of it!

What really attracted me to the Arts Joint Honours course was the wide variety of subjects you can try in first year. Whittling it down to five was tough but I went with English, History, Criminal Law, New Media and Sociology! Before you ask-no,I have no idea what I want to do after college, but I’m really enjoying the mix of subjects so far. Although there are a lot of people in the course, and a mix of courses in the lectures and tutorials, its so easy to meet people and not a day passes when you don’t meet someone new.

Something that really struck me during orientation, (shortly after my parents and youngest sister sped off, probably crying hysterically) was the easy-going, friendly atmosphere on campus. I was searching for somewhere to buy water and a security man spotted me wandering aimlessly and before I knew it, he fixed me up with one  (for FREE) and off I went happy as Larry! Its that sense of community and caring that has made me feel so at home in UL.

Now that I have introduced myself and have relayed some rough idea of the spectacle that is the University Of Limerick I will bid you all adieu for now.  With any luck I’ll be writing again soon, so until then…

Untitled design (11)My name is Judy Sheehan (most people call me Julie-really annoying), I’m twenty years old and I am in first year Arts! Hailing from the beautiful county Cork, home is only down the road. Let me tell ye a bit more, if ye are brave enough to read on…

Some useless facts about me: I am the eldest of four, with three older step siblings, have 8+ cats, am from a little town in West Cork called Bandon, LOVE animals, laugh at absolutely anything even remotely funny,drink  far too much hot chocolate and consume too much pizza and chocolate (not at the same time though).

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